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Cobblestone GPS tracker

€119.00 Save €30.00
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The world's first GPS tracker that works without subscriptions or data charges

4 operating modes

Up to 4 years shelf life

No installation required

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GPS tracking without subscription

COBBLESTONE  It is the world's first GPS tracker that works without subscriptions or data charges. Once you have purchased the COBBLESTONE GPS tracker, its use is completely free. COBBLESTONE comes with iOS and Android apps as well as a web app where you can view your tracker's location and easily configure it based on your needs.

EL CONCEPTO  es simple. Starts in 5 minutes and battery lasts for years. That is why COBBLESTONE is already used by individuals, companies and institutions around the world. Cheap, simple and easy GPS tracking for everyone.

Choose from 4 smart tracking profiles
- Daily: One position per day
- Weekly: One position a week
- Después de cada movimiento: One position after each move and one week and does not move.
- Live: One position every 15 minutes

The device carries a long-lasting battery and the useful life of the device depends on the selected configuration, 1 position a week approximately 5 years, after movement approximately 2 and 3 years, Daily approximately 2 years, Live approximately 90 days.

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